Cardwave is a globally recognised expert in solid-state media and we make it easy for companies who need to understand and use this technology in their business. We are known for our professionalism and quality of service and we handle millions of dollars worth of business and commercially sensitive data for many high-profile brands. Cardwave works at the highest levels in the industry and we are members and active contributors in trade associations and specialist industry groups that promote the adoption of standards and security protocols for removable media.

A growing part of our business are the services we provide to protect and restrict access to data when it is stored on a memory card, USB flash drive or solid-state drive (SSD). SafeToGo® is therefore a solution for individuals and organisations who value their data and need assurances that it can be kept safe when being carried around.

SafeToGo is not just a flash drive, it is a secure flash drive that uses hardware encryption to protect data. Unlike many other products on the market, only a hardware encrypted drive can keep your data safe, and with connectivity to a secure USB management server, SafeToGo is a complete solution for mobile professionals. If you require a solution for any other form-factor, please contact us as we have different products and solutions for microSD, full size SD and SSD. We also have a range of USB flash drives that have different features and therefore aimed at different markets and applications.


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